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What not to say to your wife when she is pregnant....with another couple's baby...

Posted Aug 23 2008 3:19pm
.......And alternative suggestions
**When your wife, who is a surrogate mother, is praying to the porcelain god at 3 months pregnant you DON'T say..." You volunteered for this!"
Instead you could get her a glass of water, a wash clothe and a hug and say how lucky you are to have a woman so willing to give this much of herself to others...
**When your wife is huge and uncomfortable from carrying twins you DON'T say...."Remember, You are getting paid for this!!"
Instead acknowledge how fortunate those babies are to have her carry them with such love, care and sacrifice. (A foot rub will help as well!) Adding the reminder that after the babies are born, she can sleep through the night!
**When your wife is denying you the intimate part of your marital relationship (for what seems like months) you DON'T say..." Look what YOU ARE doing to ME!!"
Instead know that you can still be close and realize that this time of her pregnancy will go fast and she will appreciate you all the more for your understanding and support!
**When your wife is about to give birth and wants YOU by her side you DON'T say.."Why, they aren't my babies!!"
Instead understand that this is YOUR WIFE, YOUR Woman and that she needs you no matter whose babies she carries. You are a huge part of this surrogacy and why not share in the end result, seeing the Intended Parents dearest dreams come true!
I would love to hear your do's and don't and tips....e-mail me at or leave a comment!
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