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What is the treatment for infertility & PCOS Problem

Posted by sasmita pani


I had married in the year june 8th, 2005. after 4years of my marriage I have no child. I have the problem of immature follicle size 12/13mm ecah cycle & also have PCOS Problem(a Multiple of small follicles). After infertility treatment I have once pregnant in 2008 Feb, but that pregnency was an Ectopic pregnency. My left tube have been removed by laproscopy surgery. I have only one tube that is in rightside. nowI am taking infertility medicine but have no result. 

What kind of treatment is suitable for me to become a normal Pregnancy; without  being Ectopic pregnency? How can I get a child & to be a mother ? Please give me  advice quickly.


  sasmita pani


Thanks & Regards

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