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what is the string like mucus/discharge i just saw?

Posted by J D.

  For the past 3 days I am very convinced that I am pregnant due to very "coincidental" nausea at the same time every nite, very very tender breasts, lower abdominal cramping, and mood swings, although if I am pregnant it is very early on.  Anyway, my concern is that I just went to use the bathroom and felt/saw a weird string like mucus in the toilet that was an inch or so long.  It almost looked like a worm!  Does anyone have any idea what that was?  I'm definately freaked out!

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It sounds like fertile quailty cervical mucus.


Tell me... 

Do you know when you ovulated? How long is your average cycle? Where are you in your current cycle?

I'm usually on a 28 day cycle sometimes a day early and I usually have it for 5 days with the spotting for 5 days prior.  This month I only spotted for around the 18th or 19th of April and got my period on the 20th.  My husband and I had unprotected sex on the 24th and I was completley finished on the afternoon of the 25th.  I have no idea when I ovulated.

Since you say you got a period ... being only on Cycle day 4 when you had unprotected intercourse- that would leave a full 10 days until ovulation (based solely on the medical standard of a day 14 ovulation since you don't know when you actually ovulate)....

sperm can live in fertile cervical mucus for about three days (five at the max from what I have read).  Without that CM being of fertile quality the enviroment of the vaginal canal is too acidic and sperm only last a few hours in comparison.


Based on that window I would say that no you aren't pregnant but again---that is just speculation based on the cycle beginning 20 April.  The cycle previous I have no idea about since there wasn't any information given

If you are still concerned then i would suggest taking a HPT or asking your physican to have you tested for pregnancy


Try to use this ovulation calendar tool to trace your cycle and find the date of ovulation.

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