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what is the risk of using robaxin and naproxen during conception or early pregnancy?

Posted by ventura12

I have strained my lower back muscles and a doctor prescribed naproxen 500mg twice a day plus methocarbamol 500mg once at bedtime and then every 6 hours as needed to help me through healing my back and getting back on my feet. Until I saw the dr. I used ibuprofen in large doses and ice packs for inflammation for one day only then went to dr. the next day. I have been trying to get pregnant and believe that I ovulated a couple days before the back problems and beginning to use the ibuprofen. I am concerned because a couple months ago I got pregnant during the time of back problems which eventually led me to the emergency room because I could'nt even stand or pull myself up, could'nt move at all. The emergency room Dr. prescribed flexeril and a cortisteroid for inflammation. Plus one shot of morphine while there. it took a week to get back on my feet but then found out I was pregnant, then at 4.5 weeks along I miscarried.

I am worried about this happening again or even something being wrong with the baby if I am indeed pregnant again. Thanks so much for any advise.

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