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What is the ingredient of placenta?

Posted by kate2009flying

Owing to the special beautification effect of placenta, what is the ingredient of placenta, this is a question that many people care. The wide application and good effectiveness of placenta, so what is the ingredient of placenta? The following is the simple knowledge about the ingredient of placenta.
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The ingredient of placenta: placenta contains three big nutrients--protein, fat, sugar, as well as all kinds of enzymes, mineral matterã??amino acidã??vitamin which can regulate human body function effectivelyã??enhance immunity functionã??repair damage DNAã??whiten the skinã??keep youngã??anti-aging, man can improve sexual function by using it. What is more, super placenta contains nucleic acidã??amino acid and so on, which can stimulate enzyme system effectively, and it has wonder effective for skin diseaseã??digestive system ulcerã??neuritis, menopausal troublesã??injuryã??decubital ulcerã??arthritisã??rheumatic diseaseã??asthma and so on.
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