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what is the highest the hcg levels can get if you have a blight ovum

Posted by sissy26

i was recently told i was pregnant after trying for thirteen years now they say i may have a blight ovum they did a sonogram and they could not see anything in the sac but they also say it could be just to early in my pregnancy because my first hcg level was 238 and three days later it was 908 i just want to know how high your hcg levels can get if you are having a blight ovum
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I don't think that can be determined as it depends on when implantation occured and when in your cycle you began producing hCG. Also, on the charts the range for what is normal is so broad.  What matters with hCG numbers is the amount of time it takes for it to double (should ideally be within 48 hours) from the first draw to the second

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