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what is the first sign of pregnacy before missed period?

Posted by lg

What is the first sign of pregnancy before missed period?
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The signs of early pregnancy and a woman's natural luteal phase are the same because the dominant hormone for both is progesterone.

If you are a person who tracks her cycle and ovulation (thereby knowing your own particular post ovulation symptoms) then it may be a bit easier to tell the difference but generally a missed period is the first sure sign of pregnancy (though pregnancy isn't always the cause of a "missed" or "late" period).

My Fiancee since intercourse17 days ago, has had one bad migraine, slightly sore breasts, occasionally feeling sick, bad stomach cramps, but only one day, urinating far too much, even when, hav,nt drank anything for hours, and feeling tired about ten o clock at night, which is very early, normally she starts feeling tired, midnight onwards. Do you think she is pregnant, we also had intercourse 3 days after her period. I think its very surprising to have this many signs, so soon after intercourse, even before her next period is due, which will be due in 8days time. Does it sound like she might be pregnant.

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