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What is it about bananas? I admi...

Posted Sep 13 2008 3:50am

Bananas What is it about bananas? I admit to having a bit of a thing for bananas on toast, a banana sandwich, bananas with mixed fruit, bananas and ice-cream, even just a banana on its own. But now my baby has started raiding all the bananas from the fruitbowl... and his preference is bananas unpeeled!

His granny is called Nana so when he started saying Nana over and over again I got on the phone promptly to let her know he was asking for her, much to her delight.

However, when he also started pointing at the fruit bowl and repeating Nana Nana, I caught on. And when he gets a banana he chuckles almost maniacally! In fact I have just rescued a whole bunch of bananas from his tight grip and several had bite marks piercing the skin!

Now I know that babies can taste foods their mums eat through the breastmilk but I hadn't realised the taste was so strong. Nor had I realised just how many bananas I've been eating! But now that I think of it I ate LOADS of bananas when I was pregnant and as breastfeeding makes me really hungry all the time, I often find myself snacking on a banana between meals! Hmmmm.

Did you know bananas are really good for you? I found this great site listing all sorts of fascinating banana facts.

Another thing, when Jack eats a banana he sits contentedly on my knee - just as he does when breastfeeding. He NEVER sits on my knee for any other reason. So what is going on? Well obviously I am going to have to eat a more varied diet! But its quite funny living with my very own little Bananaman...

By the way we haven't broken the news to his Nana yet!

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