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What is causing my period to be four days late?

Posted by tigerpumpkin2

I am of child-bearing age in my early twenties? My periods are regular, occuring every twenty-seven to twenty-eight and lasting five if not six or six days, typicly. Is it possible that a bacterial yeast infection can stop a period until the infection is cleared up? What are all of the possible reasons for my late period is what I guess I am asking? Thanks for all of your help:)

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It depends on where you are in your cycle to know if the yeast infection affected.  See.. if it was before ovulation then it is very possible that the meds you took and your body working a bit harder could have delayed your ovulation. Much the same affect that stress in the follicular phase (the time from the beginning of bright red flow to ovulation) could delay ovulation

In that case, you aren't "late" per se--things have pushed back just a bit. 

If it was after ovulation then generally (so far as I know) it wouldn't cause an extended luteal phase (the time from ovulation to the end of the cycle.

Another option is that you didn't ovulate at all and that will cause a longer cycle...again so far as I know it may have to do with the infection.  Your body would attempt to ovulate until it resets itself by beginning a new cycle. 

Pregnancy (of course) is a possiblity (you didn't say anything about intercourse timing so Im just throwing this out with the other two). 

I would call your GYN to ask more specifically about the infection if it happened in the last half of your cycle. I said before I wasn't sure how it would affect so that would be your best bet to talk to her/him.

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