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What I'm Reading Today

Posted Apr 24 2012 12:00am
I have a horrible habit of opening lots of tabs on my computer (ask my husband who complains about the reduced speed of our computer).  I receive daily nutrition emails compiling the day's interesting news.  Each day, I read the e-mails and right-click to open tabs for the articles I am interesting in reading.  I usually click on articles related to: women, fertility, pregnancy, children, and cancer. This inevitably leads to some pdf's too, maybe a video.  By the time I am done, I have so many tabs open that I barely have time to read them. Some of the articles are real research, some are consumer articles.  In addition, I right click for loads of recipes.  I always plan to write posts to compile interesting research but my work life rarely has the time for the luxury.

So without further ado, I thought it would be fun to share what's open on my computer this morning
Research (note: readers may not have access to full-text) Lifestyle factors & Breast Cancer  (Weight loss and physical activity)
Obesity, Asthma, Allergies  (The Inflammatory Connection & what can be done, omega 3's?)
Food Marketing to Youth  (Especially interesting when read with this and this article from the NYT; makes me want to never look at a food advertisement ever again- sorry to all my marketing friends!)
Different types of abdominal fat  (my students always find this type of research very interesting)

Consumer articles The Challenge of Going Vegan (Thinking a lot about eating animals lately...)
Foods Good for your Teeth (Good for kids)
Can Diet Help ADHD ? (more on omega 3's)
Does Plastics Leach into Food ? (also see endocrine disruptors at the EPA site and early puberty  article in the NYT)
Superfoods to ward off disease (and a yummy looking recipe)
Mom find stillborn baby alive 12 hours later (and 2 years ago there was this amazing story )

Videos Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative  (the program we implemented in the South Bronx)
Diet and Detox (from a well respected RD)

Recipes Separate link coming soon!

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