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what does pelvic pressure and a tingling sensation in pelvic area mean during pregnancy in 3rd trimester?

Posted by misbell07

I feel like the baby has dropped tremendously in the past few weeks.  Sometimes it feels like a sharp pressure and tingling in my pelvic area...almost as if she is right there.  The doctors are not exactly sure of my due date.  Going by my last normal period I should be due any where around December 12th...but going by the last time I bled (which was spotty one day and gone the next)...I should be due any where around January 18th.  That is the date that the doctor has stuck with so far, but I have only had one ultrasound and that was about 5mths when they told me I was having a girl.  They also told me that at that time she was looking like she was going to be a big baby because she was almost a pound over her weight that she should have normally been at 5mths.  I have doctor's appt coming up this week and I plan on explaining to him the pressure that I have been feeling, maybe they will do another ultrasound soon to be sure.
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