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what does it mean if i get clear vaginal mucus, i get missed irregular periods and i get the different types of mucus

Posted by megsy1987

i am still getting different types of mucus at different times of the month, i dont get periods but i get the symptoms of periods breast and back ache headaches etc i want to try for a baby what does the clear vaginal mucus mean and does it mean that mu reproductive  organ is still ok or normal? im confused and worried
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Cervical mucus change in accordance to where you are in your cycle.


Clear, Watery, Egg-white fluid is considered to be fertile- a woman's fertile window is only five days (Three days before, day of and day after ovulation).  Clear indicates a pending ovulation, or rather, the body attempting to ovulate.  

If you are going to try and concieve then the best thing would be to make an appointment with your physican to pin down why your cycles are irregular and then they can create a protocol  to help with conception

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