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What does brownish discharge implement?

Posted by bianxii08

My last menstruation was on Aug.20, my last sexual contact was on Aug.22. I took a pregnancy test on Sept. 26, it was negative. Then another one on Sept.28, Sept.30, Oct.3, Oct.5, Oct.9, it was all negative. I took another one on October 21, it was also negative, then now, Im having a brownish discharge with a small amount of blood. What does this indicate?

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brown discharge is indicative of old blood. The blood part could be your body getting ready to shed the lining- which may at this point be thicker than the uterus can sustain without a pregnancy.


You haven't ovulated this cycle which is why your period hasn't come and all those tests are negative.  

I'd suggest requesting provera from your medical provider.  It will cause a bleed and reset your cycle.

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