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What does a brownish colored discharge mean during pregnancy? I am 39 weeks and 3 days pregnant. Is this an early sign of labor?

Posted by judesmama

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There could be a couple of explanations.

 My first question to you would be if you have had an internal exam recently, where the doctor has checked your cervix for dilation? It is possible to notice a pinkish or brownish discharge afterwords, as the cervix is extremely vascular and has been irritated. This is my first guess at what is happening to you.

 Secondly, have you been engaging in intercourse? The same rule applies, if you are getting "action" your cervix could be softening and ripening and you could be seeing the effecs of that.

Another possibility is that you could be losing or have already lost your mucus plug. You can have blood mixed with the mucus and have noticed that when you went to the restroom. 

Good luck with your delivery!

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