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what could it mean when about 2 weeks before my period i get a pinkish white glob?

Posted by birdpoo22

sorry tmi. last month i started my period a couple days early. it only lasted 4 days, i usual have a 7 to 9 day period sometimes longer. this period had one day were i had clots but my period was not heavy. all through the month of feb i have had a lot of cm some with brown or pinkish discharge.

 had sex on the 3,6,8,15,19,22 and 27 of feb. on the 1st of jan saw a lot of cm with a tanish tint,on the 2nd had sex,on the 3rd clear cm lil blood. on the 4th sex on the 5th saw in the toilet what looked like a very lite pink glod,cm on tp.


we are ttc so im not on any bc. my breast or my nipples are realy touchy and sore have been or over a month.


so what could this be. should i see my obgyn or waite? if i get a hpt when should i test?

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I would wait it out to see if you have a positive pregnancy test first. Try to stay calm is the important thing. That same thing happened to me when I found out that I was pregnant. My nipples hurt so bad that I either had to leave my bra off or keep it on.  I would also take a home pregnancy test, and then take another in a week or so. I had one come up neg, and the next pos. Its just a matter of being far enough along for it to show on the test. The pink mucus you experienced could have been implantation bleeding prior to your period. mucus is very common when you are preg. Its a way of your body flushing out the impurities.


thank you so very much for your answer
Sorry if this is late - I don't see anywhere showing how long ago this was asked. A piece of the problem might be that you have too much extra bacteria inside - causing the discharge. Sometimes it will also cause what seem like cramps even when you're not on your period. (don't worry, this is actually fairly common). If you go to a women's health clinic they can give you an applicator with a gel that you insert each night for 5 days (it's not messy in the least). Another reason for some discharge before your period is that each time your body releases an egg, it has discharge left to get rid of. As for the short period and clots - a lot of things can play a part in how your period goes - ie, stress, or sudden lack of, can cause changes. Sometimes big changes in your diet. I've had to deal with that part and sore nipples myself on and off for a couple of years now - though I haven't gotten pregnant. That's just some of the akward side effects of being a woman, lol. I'm not sure when you stopped taking bc, but that could be playing a factor also. Your body needs time to adjust. Some bc's help to regulate your period, so you could've gotten used to what it was like while using whatever you were, and this could be normal for your periods without bc. Either way, I would see a doctor just in case, especially with the higher amount of discharge. Even if everything else is normal and you're not pregnant, it's a good idea to get the discharge taken care of before it causes an pains or akward situations;-) I hope this is at least slightly helpful:-)
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