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What could be going on??

Posted by alyssaa

hi i have a question. I hadn't had a period since feb. 17 so my dr. provided me with Provera and told me to take it twice a day for ten days. I had to stop taking it because i was getting nauseated and stomach pains and dizzyness, about a week or so i got my period and usually they only last about 3-5 days no longer than that even if i skip periods. this particular was strange. i started very very lightly with lots and lots of pain it was horrific. then about the third day it got heavier and the pain was still bad. finally  after 7 days i stopped bleeding completely that night i had sex with my boyfriend and i woke up the next day spotting light pink and was like that until the next morning and would randomly spot for the rest of the week. The past two weeks i have been bloated and i have thrown up most of what i eat.when i use the bathroom i pee very lightly and then i have a urge to push so to say. its very wierd. The only days i have had sex was 7/25 and 8/2.i told my dr. about what was happening with my period and  she said there was nothing she could do even thought the pain was so bad i would crawl up in a little ball and just cry. they did find some tiny cysts on my ovaries before she put me on provera. What could be going on??
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I would suggest that you request being tested for PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome).  It causes long cycles as well as pain.


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