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what causes spotting after your period that is accompanied by cramping

Posted by STaylor86

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Hey i'm curious about what happened to you! I had a similar thing. And now i'm scaring myself, needing the loo loads and i have almost ovulation discharge when i only came off my period a week a go. I don't think I could be pregnant but i'm also like ahh?!
I was three days late this month before I finally got my monthly. It lasted for 4 to 5 days, I ovulated 4 days later, the very next day I spotted for 2 days. Should I be worried???
My period is every 28 days and always lasts for 3 days.when my period ended on the 3rd day, 4 days after that i had a day of pink spotting,i know i wasn't ovulating because i ovulate around the 11th or 12th day of every month...then 2 days after i vomitted yellow bile strange.......



I got my "period" on the 20th of Oct 2010.. But it was much lighter than usual still  bit dark but i didn't have to change as much but the pain was still bad at times.. This only lasted for 3 day..?? then stopped for 1 full day and night.. then the next day there was a little circle of browner looking blood on my liner so i changed and nothing for the rest of the day then later that night.. 3 tiny little specs of a lighter brown appeared.??

I still feel very dull cramps that past.. I got a big headache that night through to the next day and had a horrible calf ache all last night..? I cant seem to sleep straight away

I dont know what this could mean so pleaaaaasse any thoughts?

i had my first period on 4 august, on 14 we had unprotectet sex with my husband, on 16 i had pinkich spooting and the 17 have a very small dark red spotting on my panty. 18 started having cramping, abdominal pain, yesterday felt like fainting the whole day, could be pregnant?


if you took the MAP then the bleeding was a period and it restarted your cycle.

i got my period and had sex on the day it was completed however the codom had a big ass hole in it and i basically had unprotected sex. A week later i started spotting but i t was like regular period blood. This never happened to me before anyone had nay ideas? i too kthe morning after pill 2 days after i had sex.
i usually have period for 6-7 days, this month i have had my period for bascially 2 and 1/2 days then i was have a little but of brownish pinkinsh discharge, about a week later i have spotting a tiny bit, it is pink but only when i wiped was when i found it. it lasted for about a hour. i do have crampin a week after i had my period (abdominal pain) me and my boyfriend do have unpretected sex and he does cum in me, but i have been told by the doctor i have a tiny cyst on my left ovary. could i be pregnant even tho i have a cyst?

my question is that i had my normal period on the first of the month and it lasted five days then  had sex with my boyfriend a few days later and about 10 days or so after that i started spotting a pink color for three days then stopped then a couples days before my i spotted for one day then stopped i am due for my period in the next day or so and i also have slight cramping. i also had a negetive pregnancy test that i took this morning i have a doc appointment at the end of the week but if someone could give their thoughts that would be great.


I had the same problem. Spotting 7 after I finish bleeding. I spotted for 2 days. Now I am late 8 days for my period. Can you miss a period after spotting?

So you bled four days then had spotting for five?

(FYI: your cycle did not end..your bleeding did.  A cycle is the first day of full red flow to the next first day of full red flow. Hope that makes sense)

A day. I spotted for 5 days. The spotting was the color of mauve but in small quantities. I cramped for the last 3 days of spotting. The first day of my last period was May 24, 2009 and ended May 28, 2009. On May 29th, my cycle stopped completely. Then, May 30th is when the spotting began. I am 35 years old and never had a problem with my cycle up until this year. Do you have any clues? My husband thinks I may have a chance of being pregnant. He wants so much to have another one. We have 2 beautiful children. Bria is 14 years old and Sunday is 31 months old. 
how long after your period are we talking about?
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