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what are the signs of being pregnant at only 2-3 weeks?

Posted by thegirl16

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There really aren't any.  At 2wks or so is when you ovulate- a few days later is when implantation happens and when hCG begins to be 4wks1d approx. is when a home pregnancy test will show as positive
the person above me may be confusing you. after you have sex, about 2 weeks after you can have nausea, cramps, frequent urination, increased fatigue, increased basal temperature,sore or tender breasts, and more.  when you have sexual intercourse, it takes about 10 hours for the sperm to fertilize the egg and make a child. if its two weeks after you had sex, doctors will technically say you are 4 weeks along. because of ovulation in the 2 week time period.
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