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What are the chances of having a miscarriage 38 weeks into pregnancy if the environment wasn't stressful?

Posted by davenpga1984

My soon to be x-wife was 38 weeks pregnant with our daughter with no complications of any sort.  I drive with a friend to another state so he doesn't go alone then a day after i get there she calls and says she is having a miscarriage.  (left on a thursday she called on a Friday).  I wasn't able to change my flight to an earlier day so i was not able to get home until the next Tuesday.  She had still not gone to the hospital even though she had been bleeding the whole time?  It wasn't until wednesday that she went to the hospital i just want to know the statistics on having a miscarriage at 38 weeks without previous complications of any kind ( stress etc...) percentages would help.
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At 38 weeks, a pregnancy is considered full-term.  There would be no chance of a miscarriage.  If she was bleeding, it could have been caused by many things, but not a miscarriage. 
I was 38 weeks pregnant, I didnt have any bleeding or any stomach cramps or any signs of a miscarriage. I went in for my 38 week checkup. The doc couldnt find a heartbeat so he sent me to the ultrasound. There was no blood flow going to the baby. I had to dilver a beatuiful baby boy that had no life in him. Noone could tell me what happen. Everything was going great, all the test came back normal. That was in 2008. Im now 17 weeks pregnant again and scared to death the same thing will happen again!
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