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what are the 1st signs of pregnancy? Could I be pregnant???

Posted by Alex

Iv been Really tired all the time, Im hungry all the time, Headaches come a few times of day! My lower back hurts so much more and Im blotted! I had my period but It only lasted 2 days and was light and now I have a little spotting. I cramped before, during and now after my period! I took a home test but it came up negative! My breast are not sore but seem to fit my bra a little better than normal and I have had to pee every hour sometimes twice a hour! I have felt like im going to be sick a lot, its on and off! I have felt like this for a week! But if Im not pregnant, what could it be???   

~"I took the home test before my period, will that effect anything?"

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With the timing of pregnancy the first two weeks are really just the normal cycle... the Follicular phase where your body is developing the egg and getting ready to release the egg.  This time isn't marked by any specific set of circumstances.

If you are asking about the first week after ovulation then the symptoms are extremely similar to pregnancy symptoms just because there is a rapid rise of progesterone after ovulation. Progesterone is what sustains the 2nd half of the cycle as well as what sustains a pregnancy. 

If you had a bleed and took your test after that and it came up negative then I would say its a safe bet that the test is correct. 

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