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what are some common signs of pregnancy before your missed period?

Posted by brittanymac

I am showing some common signs that I read about AFTER your missed period but I still have another two weeks until my period is supposed to come. What are some common signs before you miss your peroid to help indicate that I might be pregnant or not?
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hello im 17 , i took two pregnacy test and went to the doctor for a urine test and they were negative , im getting alot of early symtoms such as bloating , constanly using the bathroom, nausea , tenderness in my breast & Moody ways ,I really Don't know what to do or think I am 5 weeks now can somebody anybody reply and help me 
hi im 16 and my period is due around the first its ussualy very heavy and lasts a few weeks but the week before i was due me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex and my period was light and only lasted four days that was over 3 weeks ago but i still get negative pregnancy tests. ive had all the symptoms and everything. even down to my tummy getting slightly more bloated but still no possitive result is it possible i still could be pregnant?
hi im 17 me and my boyftiend are sexually active ,however i am on birth control ,since iv been on birth control iv have some on and of bleeding but for the last two months i was bleeding alot but on the time i wasnt me and my boyfriend would have sex unprotected but recently the bleeding has completly stop amd as well as my nipples are very tender.i also feel sick in theorning sometimes but i cant tell if its from hunger .....can i be pregnant ? 
I'm trying to get pregnant right at the moment. I had unprotected sex on the day of ovulation and my period was supposed to be yesterday. So wish me luck(: And I will let you know what my symptoms other than missing my period. I haven't had any at all before that. And sometimes you miss your period for many other reasons besides pregnancy. So I'll keep you updated on symptoms and signs to watch for if I turn up pregnant (:
Why are you having sex so young? Unprotected sex at that. You are way too young for that. But you are more than likely not pregnant. You ovulate 2 weeks after the first day of your period and 2 weeks before the next period. Right in the middle. So if you still have 2 weeks until your period, you probably aren't pregnant, because you are just now ovulating.
I'm not trying to judge but why are you having unprotected sex while you are off the pill.. Are you trying to get pregnant?
Maybe a urinary tract infection.. Drink cranberry juice and see a dr.
i feel the same way my boyfriend and i have been having unprotected sex for th last couplemonths i went to the doctor because i had pregnancy  symptoms e.g pains everywhere and morning sickness i eat alot and im always tired could i be pregnant
Im 15, i had unprotected sex 8 days ago, but took the Plan B pill the very next morning around 24hours after having sex. I constantly feel wet now but I have no reason too in mind. I do however pee a lot but that happened previous to having sex for the first time. When we were just touching and all. I'm supposed to have my period hopefully in the week that's coming... I usually get it around the end of months or beginning of the month. I'm nervous that I might be pregnant. Could I? I have no headaches.. no abdominal pain, I have been sleeping more but I guess it's due to the hurricane Sandy stuff since school was cancelled for this whole week. I feel no change except the fact that I'm wet in my ass constantly... could I be pregnant??
HI i am 22 years old, i have been told by the doctor that I have PSOC, but not that bad just folicals at this stage and that I can get rid of it with exercise and take the pill. SO i got on the pill and started regulating my period, once I started having a regular period I got off the pill and started having unprotected sex with my boyfriend, I am about 2 and a half weeks late and I am having some pregnancy symptoms e.g, cramps abdominal pains, tired all the time, gassy, loss of appetite, going to the toilet alot, but I have 3 home pregnancy test all said negative. is it still possible that I could be pregnant ? 
I've been cramping for 3 weeks now I'm 2 weeks late on my period I had sex on the 2nd it's now the 22nd I really don't know what's going on with me & I'm worried I took a test from dollar tree 2 weeks later & it came back negative .
I'm 20 my cycle the last 6 months has been 21 days normally its 24 but lately its been regular on 21, i have increased the amount of alcohol i normally drink and i'm 3 days late now but see now i haven't been drinking as much the last month. I dont really have any symptoms other than normally when i'm about to get my period i go #2 like a few times a day where as i've been constipated lately,, sorry if tmi. i've also been really tired and have headaches and last two nights i've gotten really light headed and dizzy even just sitting but i'm also gettting over a cold.. any help??
I Am 16 years old and I have recently had sex with a partner that I was friends with multiple times. But we used a condom and he always checked to make sure the condom wasn't broken and he always pulled out before he finished. Here lately I have been going to the bathroom to urinate and after I do I get this weird feeling in my vagina and it stays there for a while. It's like a feeling of having to go to the restroom again, but I don't have to use the bathroom. My lower abdomen feels weird and I just have a feeling I'm pregnant. My period usually comes around the 20th of every month and its the 16th today. This urination feeling is so very uncomfortable. Someone please help me and tell me what this could be!!! Please!!!
Hello I'm Krys and I'm 21..I've never been pregnant before and just recently became sexually active a couple of months ago with my boyfriend..we do not use protection but we use the pull out method..Not be be out there lol but we had sex on October the 4th which I just recently found out from my new ovulation tracker that was around the time I ovulated ð??³..I'm experiencing nasuea,bloating,cramping,popping and a bubbly sensation in my lower abdomen..My period doesn't come on until a week from now and I think that I've experience very very little brown spotting yesterday but I'm not too sure..My bladder feels full and gas and I have an urge to pee but sometimes I can't..I think it might be to early to take a pregnancy test so I'm trying to wait it you think there's a possibility I could be pregnant or is this just symtoms of a uti??
I had unprotected sex 1 day befor my peroid and I never got my peroid til 2 days later. And now I'm bleeding super heavy with helly cramps. What do that mean could I be pragnant?

hi am yvonne i took a pregnancy test resently and had a positive line although it was a very faint line too faint to read and the next morning i took another one and it was negative i have been on norethisterone for 5days now my doctor gave it to me because i was 5days late on my period do u think am pregnant


The first time I got pregnant, my nipples started tingling well before a period was missed.  Both times I was pregnant, I simply knew.  for each pregnancy, I also got a negative test before getting a positive one. 

Omg..I normally start my period on the 14th of every month, never late. However last month I had it on the 6th. My and my guy had unprotected sex on the 18th. I bathed straight away. Am not sure if I had my period for one day on the 2 and nothing after. It never came on the 6th or the 14th.

I had flu like symptoms for 4 days the loss of appetite now am bloated and burping as well as constipated.  

I 1st did a preg home kit and it had a deep line and a faint line then I had a blood test last week Monday it was neg and a preg home kit  which was also neg. 

I started discharging so I went to the GU she said I had B.V. and gave me antibiotics she did a internal examination, saying that my cervix is in the middle.  She advised me to come back in 2 week as it was to early to check. But Now I don't know if it was my body playing games. I would love another baby but I can not tell. 

im supposed to have had my period 3 days ago and i havent. i dont feel pegnat but im scared. my boobs always normaly hurt befor i get my period and they havent. im moody like i normaly am and my face has breaken out and i eat everything. but i just want to know if i could be pregant please help.
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