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What are my odds of getting pregnant on the depo shot

Posted by broodbabby

I have been taking the depo show for years now but i havent always been on schedual with it about a year ago i went almost 5 mouths with out it latly i have been fairly good on it i had a shot on june 18th and then one on sep 8th i have recently been having sex unprotected since sep 17th and sometimes more than once a day. just a few days ago ive been very tired and ive been having alot of wet discharge it kinda looks like im peeing myself a little bit but then sometimes there is a white goowy stuff and i can feel it coming from my vagina im always feeling wet and now im kind of sore there i feel like im swollen a little bit inside and ive been hirting a little bit like cramps and having very big headaces and i just dont want to eat at all anymore i feel sick wen i eat can i be pregnant
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I have been on Depo before (years ago) and my understanding is that the chances are very slim for getting pregnant.  Also, it takes at least six months at least from the last shot (so three months from when your last shot was due) for fertility to be fully restored (for some it takes longer...others shorterO


However, it has happened before which is why your doc should do a pregnancy test before administrating the next shot

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