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What Amaya don't like, Amaya don't eat!

Posted Jan 28 2010 12:00am

So far, the girls have really liked everything we've fed them - from peas to squash to pears and carrots. They're just really good eaters! The only thing left to try of my wide array of jarred baby food were green beans ... and I guess there was a reason I had waited to serve those last. Amaya was not a fan! Unfortunately, I didn't get her overly dramatic gagging reaction on camera when I fed her the first spoon ... but I think this video will still give you a good idea :)

In other, very exciting news: We are more or less swing-free! I can't believe how well the girls ended up making the transition to sleeping in their cribs full-time. As you might recall, for the first 7 months of their lives, they would ONLY sleep in their swings, and we had the darn things going for upwards of 18 hours a day, it seemed. Once I finally got them to fall asleep in their cribs a couple of weeks ago, it was actually pretty easy to get them to nap in their cribs as well. We still use them occasionally when they wake up half-way through their naps or I don't have the time (or nerve) to spend an hour after bed time replacing pacifiers because they have a hard time settling down - so we're not quite ready to get rid of them all together. But we're getting there!

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