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What’s in my make-up bag? And your chance to win Ere Perez goodies!

Posted May 24 2013 10:09pm

by mnfadmin on May 22, 2013


Last week we looked at the body products I use and love.  This week I'm diving into my make-up bag.  I'm frequently asked what make-up I use.  Just as we visited the effects of toxins in body products last week, it is super important to look into what products we are using and move towards using cosmetics that are good for us rather than those that work against us.  

We've been speaking about environmental factors that affect our health, fertility and can influence how our body functions.  We've touched on how in the instance of cancer our genes can be influenced by our environment – and make up comes under this category of environmental factors.  Make up is FULL of chemicals.  And those chemicals absolutely have an impact on health and wellness (and mostly our hormones).  As we visited last week, our bodies absorb up to 80% of what we put ON them.  I once read that we eat between 4 – 9lbs (it's up around 4kg) pounds of lipstick in our lifetime.  I don't even know exactly how many tubes that, is but I know my daughter at birth weighted 6lb.  Holy guacamole – that's a crap load of gloss!

So rather than freak out at the chemical frenzy I was innocently apply to my face daily, I decided slowly but surely that it was time start switching over my products.  I admit, I was hesitant at first because quite frankly, most of the natural ones I had found were crapola.  But it seems that there is this new wave of amazing cosmetics that not only feel like 'real' cosmetics, they work damn fine too!  Again, I'm not endorsed by any of these peeps – these are simply the tried and tested brands I've come to love.  I'm super fussy and these have been saviours.  Most of all I hate to feel like I'm substituting and these products haven't ever made me feel like they were ever a compromise.


From Left to Right starting at top left and going clockwise:

Ere Perez Bronzer, Adorn loose powder, Bare Minerals blush, Bare Minerals eye shadow, Ere Perez lipstick, Ere Perez Eye Pencil, Bare Essentials mascara, Adorn colour wheel, Adorn and Bare Essentials lip gloss.

I'm SO excited to be able to have 5 Ere Perez mascara's to giveaway!!  All you have to do to be in the running to win is comment in the comment section below.  I'm opening up this giveaway to ALL residents of the planet (not limited to Australia).  So tell me in 25 words or less in the comment section below why you should win! 

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