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Well, it seems the breastfeeding...

Posted Sep 13 2008 3:49am

Breastfeeding Well, it seems the breastfeeding nurse-ins at airports all over the States passed off peacefully today and the moms were allowed to make their point. Hooray for freedom of speech! Perhaps now people will be less inclined to expect nursing moms to place blankets over their babies as they feed.

It is incredible to think that women still have to put up with this sort of treatment simply because they want to breastfeed, regardless of the age of the child. Hopefully now that will be an end to it and moms will be free to breastfeed their babies in peace.

Do you know, I read a moronic comment a few days ago on another blog by an anti-breastfeeder (one who obviously wasn't breastfed either!) who truly believed that the mom who triggered this whole story was feeding her baby daughter for both her own and her daughter's pleasure! This person even went so far as to accuse the baby of being a "spoilt brat" and suggested that because of the child's age (22 months) she should have been given a cup to drink from!

Now any mom who has ever tried to refuse her breastfed baby a breastfeed, and instead offered a cup, will understand just how stupid that comment is. My children would have put up a real fight if they wanted breastfed and I had given them a beaker of cow's milk! It's a bit like offering an alcoholic the choice of a glass of wine or an orange juice!

My 16 month old son whom I am currently breastfeeding, will try every trick in the book to get a breastfeed! And nothing else will do instead. He will smile, whine, cry, scream, throw himself on the floor, sulk, charm... need I go on?

Now given the choice, if you were sharing a confined space with a breastfeeding mother and breastfed child, would you rather listen to a howling baby who wants a breastfeed and who is instead offered a cup, or would you rather the mother discreetly gave the child a quick breastfeed, (and it is quick - usually lasting no more than 5 minutes by the time a baby is staring to move about!) after which time the child would most likely have fallen asleep and stayed asleep for quite some time?

I know which I would go for...

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