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Weight Loss without Dieting

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:51pm 8 Comments

It took me about 3 weeks to lose all of the baby weight, plus an extra 5 pounds. Then, in the last 6 months, I managed to gain every single pound back. The problem is that when I'm pregnant, I need to eat almost constantly to gain enough weight. As soon as I'm not pregnant, I gain weight like a champ, even though I'm not even eating a quarter of what I was eating before.

I'm not on a diet. There is just to much planning, stress and usually feelings of failure associated with dieting. I've been trying to buy healthier foods and making sure I'm truly hungry before I eat. In 3 weeks I've lost about 8.5 pounds. Not too bad for eating a huge amount of sushi last week and some mini Oreos the other day. At this rate it may take me a couple of years to lose all the weight I would like to lose, but I'm not hungry, I'm not irritable, and I'm in no real rush to lose the weight anyway.

I need to lose some weight before I start taking the Clomid again, but past that I have no specific time frame in mind. I've been overweight for almost 8 years. I gained a large amount of weight after I had the Hellion and although I have dieted, I have never managed to keep the weight off. I figure, skinny looks nice, but I have no need to kill myself trying to achieve it. Plus, I plan on having more kids, which means I would gain most of the weight back anyway.

So as opposed to trying to lose the weight, I'm attempting to be more healthy in my eating habits. When I lose some more weight, I'll eventually attempt to be more healthy physically as well. Perhaps join a gym or something. But not anytime soon, as I seriously lack the time, energy, money, and desire to so something like that now.

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Don't give up on yourself. You lost the weight before and you can do it again. Have faith in yourself. I believe in you. Maybe a couple of these diet tweakers could help you shed a few pounds:

1. Ditch The White Bread (Save 6,600 Calories/Month)

Bread is a staple of most Western diets. Many people eat it for both breakfast (toast) and lunch (sandwiches), consuming on average 3-4 slices per day. That’s 21-28 slices per week.

Your average slice of white bread contains anywhere between 80-110 calories per slice, depending on brand and thickness. Switching from regular processed white bread to regular processed wholemeal bread won’t make much of a difference to your calorie intake. The calorie, fat, protein, carbohydrate and fibre content for white or wholemeal is basically the same.

2. Switch To Medium-Fat Cheese (Save 1,765 Calories/Month)

Cheese tastes great, but it’s calorie and fat dense. Medium-fat cheese used to taste terrible, but it's gotten a lot better and is worth another look. Any time the cheese is melted you won’t notice any difference.

Normal cheddar is about 475 calories per 100g. Half-fat is approximately 275.

3. Switch From Sugar To Sweetener (Save 3,600 Calories/Month)

If you sweeten your coffee (or tea) with sugar, switching to a non-calorie sweetener is an easy way to ditch calories. A teaspoon of sugar has about 15 calories. Let’s say you have two teaspoons per cup of Joe, four times per day.

4 x (2 x 15) = 120 calories.

Over a week, that equates to 840 calories, or 3,600 per month.

If you switch to sweetener - an inexpensive and convenient alternative - you can reduce that number to zero.

4. Switch To Skimmed Milk (Save 1,920 Calories/Month)

There is no such thing as a perfect food, but milk comes close. A good source of protein and minerals, milk is a great source of nourishment.

Whole fat milk has about 66 calories per 100ml. The average glass of milk is about 250ml. You probably add between 25 and 50ml in an average cup of coffee (or tea). A 30-35g serving of cereal comes with a recommendation of 125ml of milk.

5. Switch To Low-Fat Mayo, And Use It For All Spreads (Save 2,957 Calories/Month)

Mayonnaise makes nearly everything taste better, but it’s terrible for your waistline. One tablespoon of mayonnaise has 49 calories, 44 of which come from fat.

Conversely, one tablespoon of Hellman’s Low-Fat Mayonnaise has only 15 calories.

However, where you can really score is by stopping all of your butter and margarine use (in your sandwiches, for example) and replacing that with low-fat mayonnaise instead. The savings really add up.

The average sandwich uses one tablespoon of butter, which has an unreal 102 calories.

By replacing that with Hellman’s low-fat mayonnaise you can save 87 calories per sandwich. If you eat five sandwiches per week, that’s 1,865 calories per month.

And this doesn’t even include what you’ll save by not adding normal mayonnaise to those same sandwiches. Let’s say you add one tablespoon to every other sandwich, on average. Which means 2.5 sandwiches per week, or

2.5 x 102 = 255 calories per week, or 1,092 per month.

Remember we’re now saving that, as you won’t need to add extra mayo as it’s already there as your spread.

6. Drink Diet Soft Drinks (Save 4,131 Calories/Month)

Another no-brainer, but it’s amazing what a difference it can make. One can of normal Coke has 139 calories. One can of Diet Coke has 1.3 calories. If you have one can per day of Coke (or any similar soft drink), that’s

139 x 30 = 4,170 calories per month.

With Diet Coke (or similar Diet beverage), that drops down to 39 calories per month. Many people drink far more than one can per day so the difference can be huge.

7. Swap Standard Potato Chips For Low-Fat Ones (Save 1,268 Calories/Month)

The average person eats about ten pounds of potato chips per year. This equates to about 24,621 calories, or 2,051 per month.

183 x 12.5 = 2,288 calories.

Swap those regular chips for Walkers Baked Crisps, which are 98 calories per pack, and that drops to 1,225.

8. Eat Half The Chocolate You Eat Now (Save 2,291 Calories/Month)

According to The Guardian, the average Briton consumes 11kg of chocolate per year. One imagines this volume is a constant throughout the rest of the Western world!

Chocolate is around 500 calories per 100g, so that works out about 4,583 calories, per person, per month.

I hope that helps. If you want more info on these diet tweakers, you can visit:

WHoa, don't follow LucyK!

I know there's some battleground out there over losing weight and nutrition, BUT:

 3. Switch From Sugar To Sweetener (Save 3,600 Calories/Month)

6. Drink Diet Soft Drinks (Save 4,131 Calories/Month)

No no no no no no!

You might save some calories, but your price is your health.

Artificial sweeteners used in soft drinks etc have a major impact on your insulin level. Not only do they make you hungry, they mess with your body and consumption of large amounts of sweeteners over a couple of years will very likely result in diabetis one day.

Seriously, sugar might not ne good for you, but that stuff is way worse! 

To be honest, try this: less white bread and wheat-products (try whole grain rye instead), start each meal with a bite of protein, leace 4-6 hours between meals (digestion takes that long, AND: You will learn to feel hungry again), and the main thing:

As little processed food as you can. If you compare one pizze to grilled chicken and a salad (Olive oil and vinegar instead of a ready-made dressing), friut for dessert - you won't even be able to eat as much chicken and salad as to count up to tha amount of fat and calories in the pizza.

It's easy. Don't pressure yourself.

Get healthier AND thinner instead of thinner and sicker. 

You want to have more kids. Do it for them!



Thank you for sharing this post. What you said it very wise and totally up my alley with what I have been discovering recently. It is true, that the actual type of diet is not as important mostly due to the fact that we end up sabotaging it with dimishing thoughts about whether it is giving us the results we want or not. 

I have found a lot of great advice and tips by reading the book the Slow down diet by Marc David. He has a website too...

I am really excited about this. One great tip is how we relate to the vitamins or suppliments we are ingesting. If we take the time to puase and make a ritual out of it, perhaps even say a little blessing, the absorption of the nutrients is noticeably increased. The body will more readibly take in substances that we decide is "good" for us or make us happy, which is why we often look better after a relaxing weekend with good friends and laughter.


I agree with Martha on this one. LucyK's tips are great, but honestly dieting doesn't have to be so complicated. Forget about going low fat, low carb, or low calorie. Just focus on eating healthy and exercise regularly. Do you have your diet posted somewhere we can look at?

Good Day to all of you. Stress and working a lot really reduce your weight that is true no doubt. I think a little more add up is eating healthy food and a little bit of exercise..


Doctor John

 Enjoy food to loss weight:

Dieting is not a only option to loss weight now you can loss weight without dieting. So to keep your body fit and slim you have to follow a diet chart.

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ya u r rite ...actual type of diet is not as important mostly due to the fact that we end up sabotaging it with dimishing thoughts about whether it is giving us the results we want or not


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