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Weekend Whirlwind

Posted Mar 08 2011 11:49am

Bo and Grammie coloring 2

Grammie and Bo coloring on the kitchen floor.

Over the weekend, we journeyed to Olney to visit my mom.  We hadn’t been since mid-October due to a water leak and Mom having a houseguest.  There was room for all 5 of us again, so on Friday afternoon we hit the road as soon as Bo was out of preschool.

For the most part, we’ve been blessed with good travelers.  The kiddos do very well in the car.  As long as they have a book to look at and music to listen to (we listened to the Imagination Movers CD more times than I can count) they ride well.  We stopped for dinner in Champaign and arrived at Mom’s a little after bedtime on Friday. The girls slept in Pack-n-Plays and Bo slept in the twin bed that was mine growing up.

On Saturday, we had my donuts for breakfast (mmm… pinecones!), and then headed to Vincennes to Lowe’s.  Mom wanted some new blinds and a few other items.  We had lunch at Pea-Fections and made it back to Olney in time for the girls to nap.  While the girls napped, Mike hooked up the Blu-Ray player that we bought Mom for Christmas and taught her how to operate it.  Mike also put up Mom’s new blinds.

My cousin, Kelly, came over on Saturday afternoon and we ordered Joe’s Pizza for dinner.  Mom, Kelly, and I went to play Bingo and then ran through DQ on our way home.  (I have no idea why I gained another pound this weekend…)  Bo started fussing around 3:30 on Sunday morning, which made for a long night.

Grammie Clara

Clara and Grammie.

On Sunday, the kids played most of the morning and then we met Mandy, Mike, and Mary Lou for lunch at El Rancherito.  By this point, the kids were pretty tired.  Bo was in a mood and ending up spending most of lunch in the car.  It was nice to see Mandy, Mike, and Mary Lou, but it was much too brief and hurried of a visit!  On our way home from the restaurant, Mike and I talked and decided it might be best to try to drive home after dinner.  Then the kids could sleep in their own beds (another day of tired kids didn’t sound appealing after the lunch we’d just experienced) and Mike would be able to go to work on Monday.  It actually worked out really well, and I think we’ll be doing more evening driving in the future.

During nap, I met Jenny at DQ for a brief chat over mini Blizzards.  Mom made chicken and noodles for dinner and the kids all had Jell-o for dessert.  Clara wasn’t a fan of the Jell-o itself, but liked the whipped cream on top.  Anna and Bo both thought it was amazing.  Mike packed up the car, we put the trio in pjs, and headed home.  The kids all fell asleep around their normal bedtime.  They transferred into their beds nicely when we arrived and Mike and I managed to get everything unpacked and mostly put away before crashing ourselves.

It may not sound like much, but we fit a lot into our weekend!  There were many other people that I would have loved to see while we were in town, but between the kids schedules and everything else, it just wasn’t possible.  Olney hasn’t really changed, however, there is the new DQ.  :)

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