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Wedding Mania

Posted Dec 28 2006 12:00am
Well the last few days, as you may have noticed from my rather pathetic blogging, I have felt the wedding crunch big-time. Decorating the reception hall, hair appointments, nail appointments, tent-set-up (in case of rain), picking family up from the airport, breakfast with bride and groom, bachelorette party (that's tonight) etc. etc. etc. We are basically going non-stop right now. I am yet to be part of a wedding that didn't have this last minute "crunch" stuff -- just a lot of running around and trying to coordinate schedules.

The weather, right now is beautiful. I have, however, been slightly irritated by a few Fort Lauderdale facts. This includes the fact that you have to dial 10 numbers for any local call here! There are too many people so the area code has become mandatory. What's with that? It wasn't like that when I lived here. Speaking of living here, the trailer park I grew up in has been plowed down. This brings me to my other pet peeve. The other thing that is throwing me for a loop is how many new condominiums there are here. If there is a free piece of land, there are new apartments, condos, townhomes going in. The reason has to do with the housing "boom" about 3-4 years ago. This left property so expensive that most normal families can't afford a house -- just this commune style living. People live on top of each other here. I am not joking. So they tore down our mobile homes to make room for five homes stacked on top of each other. Talk about a concrete jungle. A warm concrete jungle but a concrete jungle nonetheless.

Another tough part of living here. The highway. This trip I have ventured onto 1-95 a few times. This proved even more precarious than usual as the six lanes of weaving traffic were compounded by the fact that my father's car does not have a speedometer (I told JB to slow down, and he said, "Wendi, I am going ZERO!") Another problem? I found out, only when I needed it most, that my father's car also doesn't have a HORN. You don't realize the importance of a horn until a young teen has you in his blind spot and begins drifting into your lane and you can't tell him he is going to spin you off the road because you have no horn. Sigh. This road has other bad memories for me as well as it is the location of the ONLY ticket I have ever received. $137. I still remember working off every single dollar taking score and taking tickets for 28 different ballgames to make up that stupid ticket. I hope to avoid I-95 for the remainder of my trip.

Okay, off to pick up my Medema grandparents from the airport, drop my stuff off at the VanWycks (we are now staying with them to make room for the grandparents at my parent's house), and go to the bachelorette party. Should be a relaxing evening. :)
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