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weak period, no period, weak period

Posted by leo

I am freaking out right now...I had a period that started november 25 and lasted about 5 days which is fairly normal for me but it was really weak...I didn't need a tampon or was like I spotted first thing in the morning for a few days,  and then NOTHING in december no spotting or anything so I took about three prego tests between christmas and the middle of january....all negative so I figure I will just wait till january 25th and see if my period starts again. About January 23 I get spotting in the morning and then nothing all day and so far that has lasted until now january 27th. My period is normaly pretty heavey I mean I couldn't get through an hour without some sort of pantie protection and I havn't had to use anything for the last three months...anybody got any ideas? I mean the prego test have all come out negative but I feel alot like I did when I first got prego with my lttle girl, ya know the upset tummy, head aches, a bit of breast tenderness and fatigue. Do you think waiting another month to see if it resolves itself is a bad idea?  

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I am 23 and the whole last half of the year was stressful with my husband and I both getting laid off, dealing with a miscarige in august, sending my son to kindergarden and my daughter to her first year of pre-school and starting on a completely different career ya know it probably has alot to do with stress now that I think about it...I am going to set up an appointment with a doc...thanks for your response it was quite helpful and is there a website I can check out for that dong quai? it sounds like something worth looking into...thanks again leo

How old are you, hope you don't mind me asking?  Were the holidays stressful..can you think of anything different in your life that may have caused your cycle to be thrown off?


You may want to talk to your doctor.


Have you heard of the herb Dong Quai?  In traditional Chinese medicine Dong Quai is referred to as a blood tonic as it has a general effect on circulation. This could be helpful for women experiencing pale menstrual flow, absent periods, and weakness after periods (in TCM this is called blood deficient).  Dong Quai works by promoting blood flow to the pelvis where it will stimulate an absent or scanty period. It also nourishes the blood (it is in nearly all Chinese herbal blood-building formulas). Treats iron deficiency and anemia. One of the best uses is it helps women who are not menstruating to invite there menstruation back. The increased circulation also helps to strengthen and balance the uterus.


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