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We survived least so far.

Posted Jun 16 2009 6:48pm
I only have a minute so this will be a short post. Addie did great at daycare yesterday - she was only there for about 2.5 hours, but there were no tears (except for one when I came back to pick her up, and then she was back to playing) and apparently she had fun yesterday. It was so bizarre to come back to pick her up and see her sitting at a little table, in a little person chair, eating mixed veggies with a spoon. I should clarify that she wasn't really "eating", more trying to figure the spoon out. All the other kids in her group are older than her, so she'll have some good role models for all this new stuff.

She just looked so much like a little person yesterday, instead of my baby. It pulled at my heart a little, both with a sense of sadness and a sense of pride that she's growing up.

Today when I went to drop her off we found out that one of the little girls in her group came down with some kind of stomach bug last night...uh oh. That kind of thing usually runs rampant through a daycare setting, and I just don't feel ready to have a barfing kid on my hands in her first week and my first week back full time. Yikes. Please send healthy thoughts to Addie to keep her well! I know we have a lot of sickness coming in our future, I just want her to be able to transition the next little while as a healthy toddler : )

Once again there were no tears today and I snuck out as she was occupied with a book and watching the other kids. Hopefully she has a good morning, and I'll be back to get her after lunch. Tomorrow will be her first full day so we'll see how tired she is after that!

Ok, have to run to work.
Hope everyone is doing well!
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