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We're Finalists! Please Vote for WaterCranio for Autism

Posted Jan 26 2009 3:59pm

Please Vote for Free WaterCranioSacral for Children with Autism at and help us win $10K to fund free aquatic autism therapy.

Vote today at:

Please support Free WaterCranioSacral for Children with Autism:

1. Vote at: - click on the green thumbs up sign that says vote, and register to vote. Your info is confidential, it's fast, and free. Only one vote per person. Spread the word!
2. Email your friends and family and ask them to vote.
3. Join our Facebook group: - and then invite your friends to the group.
4. Check out our video on Youtube:
5. You can donate directly to our CranioFlow for Autism fund at:

Contact: Kara Spencer, 541-520-0681,

Two Eugene, OR women are finalists in a US contest by Advanta and to win $10,000 for their project to host Free WaterCranioSacral Clinics for children with autism in Eugene. Please vote before Jan. 31st at Vote and spread the word to help create Free Water CranioSacral Therapy Clinics for children with autism in Eugene, Oregon.

Their goal is to rent the warm, 92-degree, salt-water Tamarack Wellness Center Pool to monthly for Free Clinics for children with autism and their families to come to the pool to receive CranioSacral Therapy in the therapeutic water. Additional funds will pay for free private CranioSacral sessions as well as aquatic equipment, and continued professional training to extend this program into the future and continue to further develop community services for autism therapy.

CranioSacral Therapy is a gentle bodywork modality that uses light touch on the head, spine, and sacrum to release tension in the body and optimize the flow of the craniosacral system. Studies at the Upledger Institute on CranioSacral Therapy with children with autism have shown that CranioSacral can help to relieve tight membranes around the craniosacral system in patients with autism, and thus promote more optimal nervous system functioning, including improved digestion, sleep, a reduction in self-abuse behaviors, self-stimulating behaviors, and improved overall wellbeing.

Children with autism love the warm tactile pressure of the water on their bodies and depend upon the therapist to hold them continuously in the water. Thus the water facilitates the development of trust between the child and therapist. CranioSacral Therapy is easily performed with children in the water, and the therapist follows the child while they play, float, spin, and move how they wish.

Tiffany, the mother of an autistic child, who submitted the idea to IdeaBlob says, "Water CranioSacral has also helped my son learn to speak and sing, be affectionate, sleep and eat better, resolved many digestive and behavioral issues, and brought my family closer together! He was non-verbal prior to working with Kara. He would bang his head and slap himself in the face for hours and scream uncontrollably when we'd try to restrain him. Now he is a whole new guy!"

Kara Spencer, LMT (OR Massage Lic #12297) is a Craniosacral Therapist of 10 years, who started taking CranioSacral Therapy into the water two years ago, and who is organizing the Water CranioSacral Clinics says, "Water is incredibly healing, and it accelerates the therapeutic effects of Craniosacral Therapy. In the warm water the body is able to release in three dimensions and move freely promoting optimal flow in the cerebrospinal fluid and the body as a whole."

Vote at for Free WaterCranioSacral for Children with Autism by Jan. 31st:

Thank you!

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