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We have a tooth!

Posted Apr 23 2009 5:26pm
Finally. I've been calling "It's got to be a tooth coming..." for the past two months! Amazing how much is blamed on "teething"...but now at least I can blame this past week of extra gnawing (her favorite chew toy is our wooden kitchen spoon) on the first tooth that has poked through her gum. Our toothless baby grin is almost gone (sigh) so I'm glad I have about a million pictures to remember it by!

In other Addie updates, she's also *almost* crawling. She's been army crawling for a while, using her arms to drag her around the floor at quite a good speed, but now she's getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth. She looks like she's trying to wind herself up to make herself go's so cute. I'm going to see if I can catch it on video today. Apparently this is the step that happens right before they crawl so I'm expecting her to get her limbs coordinated any day now...then we're in serious trouble. A mobile baby. Yikes. Have to get the baby proofing going SOON.

She continues to love her solids, especially her cereal, which you can't get in her mouth fast enough at times. She squeals and flaps her arms as if to say, "Faster mommy, FASTER!" The menu so far has included sweet potatoe (didn't love this but I'm going to reintroduce it again next), pears (loves these), banana (loved it), avocado (loves, loves, loves it mixed with banana), carrots (her absolute fave), and prunes, which she loves mixed in with her cereal. Next on the menu is butternut squash, then peaches, then green beans, then peas...every food has to be tried for about 5 days to ensure there are no reactions, so it does take a while to move through the list. She can start meat and some dairy (cheese/yogurt) at around 8 months, and also some finger foods at that point. I've been making my own food for the most part but the jarred carrots have been WAY more popular than the mommy-made version. I've done attempt #2 on the carrots so we'll see how they go over today...

Aside from those milestone updates, not much else is going on. We had a great holiday and Adam even took a few extra days off around Christmas and New Year's which was awesome. He got some good baby-bonding time in!

Hope everyone is having a great week so far, wherever that finds you.
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