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Watch Out! And I'm not even on fertility meds yet!

Posted Jun 24 2009 12:00am
Monday was the day that I lost it. Both mentally and emotionally. After the lab mishap we learned about last week and then me not ever feeling like my questions were answered by the nurse, my run-in with this same nurse Monday morning was the last straw! I went to the RE's office Monday morning to pick up my lab slip. I had a question for the nurse about whether or not I should start a new pack of birth control pills next week because this is my last week of active pills in the current pack. I asked the girls at the front desk if she was in yet and they said, "Oh there she is walking in the door." I thought. We had only spoken over the phone so I introduced myself and even apologized for stopping her. I told her that I just had a quick question, proceeded to ask her my question and then she had the nerve to act extremely rude, give me a quick, generic answer while at the same time giving me this look of disgust. Arghh!!!!! To top it off, I could hear the girls behind me at the front desk laughing and one even said, "She doesn't know who she is." Are you kidding me??? I had JUST spoken with her late Friday afternoon, explained what I was there for (she was the one who had written up my lab slip and left it at the front desk for me) and she still acted as if she had no clue who I was. She didn't even offer to go look at my chart quickly to familiarize herself if that's what she needed. So, I just walked away and pulled it together long enough to go downstairs to the lab and have my blood drawn.

As soon as I walked outside on my way to the parking garage it happened...the unending stream of tears and sobbing. I was so upset by everything that happened last week and by the way the nurse had treated me. I called Chris and he immediately knew that something was wrong. Chris tried to console me as I drove to work and on the way I decided that I was never going to get anything done at work and just needed to take a personal day. I got into my office with the intentions of quickly calling my boss to make sure this was ok and then just getting through a few urgent items and leaving. I thought I had myself pulled together enough to call my boss, but when he picked up the phone and asked how I was...I lost it, again. I felt like such a blubbering fool but thankfully my boss and his wife have been down this IVF road so he's used to dealing with emotional, hormonal women. He told me that taking a personal day would be fine and to just try and relax and not stress out too much. I also had to quickly call my other boss to discuss something with him and lo and behold as soon as he picked up the phone and asked how I was the tears started flowing again! Thankfully he is the father of my other boss and has also learned how to deal with emotional, hormonal women.

I was such a wreck. I knew that this journey was going to be hard and I knew that there would be lots of twists and turns along the way, but I just wasn't expecting to have a complete meltdown before I started taking the fertility meds and had a legitimate excuse for those actions! :-) Oh well, I'm much better today and just praying that the lab gets my test results back soon! I can't wait to be done with this nurse and graduate on to the one who handles the IVF schedules. Hopefully she'll be a lot nicer and more understanding.
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