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Was it a blood clot or a fetus?!

Posted by Worrier

Okay so I recently had my second depo provera shot and the doc said that I shouldn't really have any periods after the second. While I was on holidays last week I sarted to feel really sick with a nervous stumoch.  I couldn't eat and on the last day I had what I thought was a period. Started really light with no pain. Anyway today I woke up with severe abdominal cramps really low down. They felt like really bad period pains but I couldn't walk with them. Then later today I went to the toilet cause I thought I needed a pee and when I pushed this massive clot came out. I couldn't make out what it was, either just a clot or possibly a baby!? what do you think? please help. It was bright red and Ive never had clots before? And p.s I have lost a stone and a half in the last few months, I now weight 8 stone 5 and I'm 5"5.
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