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Warning: This is my longest birth ever. Part 2

Posted Jun 04 2010 3:48am

5:30 AM Friday

We “woke up” and everyone took showers.  We ate breakfast (snuck some to Lisa so she would have the energy she needed.)  We met OB #2 and got a new nurse.  Lisa and Ryan were ready to start some pitocin.  That was started by 9:30 AM.  It is upped nice and slowly 2ml every 30 minutes.  We had lunch around 12:30.

1 PM Friday

Lisa finally needs to relax through the pressure waves. YAY!

4:20 PM Friday

Lisa gets her first vaginal exam more than 33 hours after her water broke! I was thrilled that they patiently waited that long.  She was 3cm 70% -2 station.

Lisa is a little disappointed she isn’t more.  But I reminded her that really her birthing time hadn’t started until 3 hours earlier when she had to relax through her pressure waves.  She was just starting active birthing time!

5:20 Friday

Lisa is getting tired and frustrated.  She had been alternating walking and rocking and sitting on the birth ball for hours. She loses a bit of focus and it having trouble relaxing through her PW and is not very comfortable.   We decide Ryan will read her a script while Lisa rests in the chair.  I am sitting nearby watching while he reads the Hypnobabies Script and it looks like she has fallen asleep, I honestly thought her PW had stopped and I went to check the monitor.  She was still having them every 2-3 minutes.  Gotta love Hypnobabies!  Lisa said she thought maybe they had stopped too, but then realized they were just comfortable now.

Her 3rd OB and nurse came in during this and saw the strip with the PW and saw how nice and relaxed she was and gave a big thumbs up!  (These are nurses and OBs familiar with Hypnobabies)

8 PM Friday

Lisa gets another Vaginal Exam.  She is now 4cm and 80% effaced.  Her nurse is so encouraging!  You are entering a new phase of birth!  You are really going to start progressing quickly now.  Lots of positive comments from all the staff the whole birth!

I am realizing I am probably not going to see this baby be born.  Alison is called to come in as back up doula.

9:30 PM Friday

New Blood!  I think that having a fresh alert doula arrive at 9:30, helps Lisa and Ryan move forward in their birth with some new energy.

10 PM Friday

I am exhausted and am home by 10 PM.  I finish packing and am in bed by midnight.  I am hoping I will wake up to a text saying baby is born!

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