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Wanna be an editor?

Posted Oct 11 2012 5:05pm
As I have been looking over my story, I realize it is much closer to "done" than I thought. The contest I want to enter only requires 10,000 words. I am already at 20,000+ so I don't have to increase my length -- just tie up lose ends.

My story's working title is: Why God Created Black Spots. But I have no idea if that title will stick. It's non-fiction, obviously. And the overall design is to tie in the story of Scrubby's arrival into our family with the direction the Lord took my journey into motherhood.

That being said, I'd love to get some editors. You don't have to be a writer. You don't have to have any writing skills. But obviously, those of you who are writers (or writer-wanna-be's) would be even more helpful. In addition, those of you who have an experience with infertility would also be a valued asset.

All I ask is that you are familiar with WORD or that you know how to open up a PDF. That's it. I'm gonna send you the document via WORD and PDF. You can choose which way you read it. Not sure how much I'll send you at a time. Maybe a little. Maybe a lot. You send it back with any suggestions, comments, questions, concerns, loves, hates, etc. in any way that you want. You can send it by printing it out and writing on it. You can type your changes. You can track your changes via WORD. Whatever you want.

I'll want you to be honest. I don't have to listen to your opinions of course. And while I don't want yo to be mean, it's important that you tell me what you are thinking.

There's no deadline in when you get back to me. (Although sooner is better than later obviously.) Just know that if I don't hear back from you by the time I submit the story, your changes won't mean much or be very helpful whatsoever. :)

So, if you are interested in being one of my "editors", please send me an email at . You don't have to have any particular "knowledge level" to be an editor so please don't disregard this request by saying, "Why would she want me to help?" I want you! I want people with an education. Without an education. Who understand infertility. Who don't. I want general people to give me feedback. I do! I do!

I can't promise anything in return except for a sneak peak into the story before anyone else gets to read it.

Interested? Email away!

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