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Waiting to Exhale

Posted Aug 26 2008 1:02pm

***If you are looking for the book tour Q&A, please see the post below.***

Beta at 24dpo = 8,449 (YAY!!!)

P4 = 19 (BOO!!!)

Doubling time = 1.81 days, or 43.67 hours

Again, the chart for you visual learners:

Now instructed to take 2 suppositories of Prometrium per day. Hopefully, that will do the trick. I am trying not to freak out since 19 is really just a smidge below what they like to see (20). But you still want to hear that things are perfect - any deviation from the words "all looks good" sends me into a tailspin. And the fact that it dropped also makes me a bit nervous. WTF happened?! I've been taking those things religiously at the same time everyday. I don't know. I just pray that our little Sunshine can hold on.

Our first ultrasound will be next Tuesday at 930am. They will also do more bloodwork - to check on the progesterone, I assume. I'm thinking of just taking the day off of work. I would rather just come home and relax after the appointment, whether good news or bad news. I wish I could take off this whole entire week but, contrary to popular belief, I do actually have work to do.

I'm waiting for that moment when I can finally exhale. I'm sick of living in a state of perpetual fear.
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