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Waiting and the Annoyance of the Church

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:51pm

Now that I've had 2 "normal" periods, we are allowed to start trying. We're not going to, but it's always nice to know you're "normal" enough to give it a shot. Money's been a little tight lately, so it's best for us to wait a while until things get more settled. We'll start trying in a couple of months.

The Monster Baby's christening is at the end of the month. We've been trying to have it since January, but we couldn't find a place to have the party afterwards since everything was booked everywhere we called on the Sundays that the church offers to baptize children.

Apparently the church has this new thing where they think everyone is a huge liar. 7 years ago, I called up, told them I wanted to have my daughter baptized, gave a donation and went to a short prep class about what was going to happen at the ceremony. This time around, I was told that I wasn't a member of the church so they wouldn't do it. I explained that this was the church I had my first communion and confirmation and where I had my daughter christened. They didn't care. They didn't have a file on me listing my donations. So I must not have ever been there. Whatever. I'm rather poor. I'm basically homeless, I say. Where do you baptize the homeless children? No one is amused, but then again I was sort of being serious.

We officially sign up with the church and I chose not to have my donations tracked my envelope. I am then told that both the godparents have to submit a form stating that they belong to a church. I ask if this is new, and she says it's always been this way. Of course, she's lying since the Hellion's godmother is Methodist and wouldn't have been able to submit the required form. And her godfather did nothing more than show up the day of the christening.

Both of the Monster Baby's godparents-to-be recently moved out of their parents houses. Her godfather's mother bitched at her church until he was told he could have the form later in the week if he signed up with the church. Her godmother moved out of state temporarily but has always gone to the same church I do. She was told that they have no record of her either and she has to find a church by where she is living now. She tried to explain that she's up here a lot and going to be moving back shortly. They didn't care. No donations on record. So she searched everywhere to finally find a church that would give her the form, the day after signing up.

The deacon and his wife spent half of the prep class talking about how no one wants to baptize their children anymore. They don't understand why. I know why. It's too much of a hassle. It used to be easy but now it's all about money. You know, the root of all evil and all of that.

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