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Vitamin K?

Posted Sep 22 2008 4:36pm

Some of the most interesting information from my recent retreat in West VA came from a midwife who is also a doctor.  Since she is a doctor, she must support vitamin K for newborns, right?  Of course not!  Though a big believer in informed consent (I admired the emphasis she places on encouraging her clients to educate themselves and make their own decisions while keeping personal bias out of the equation), she personally believes that babies must have historically been born with "low" levels of vitamin k for a reason (imagine that!).  She explained that babies are born with fetal hemoglobin and must make the transition to adult hemoglobin.  The fetal hemoglobin must break down and be processed by the liver and vitamin K might interfere with this process.  She suggested I order Sara Wickham's book (which I intend to do) but here is an article on Vitamin K, written by Sara Wickham, that I thought I would share.  I think Ronnie Falcoa's website has done a good job of summarizing the issues and research (or lack of research) on administering Vitamin K to newborns. 

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