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Viability - 24 Weeks

Posted Jun 23 2009 5:50pm
As requested, here is a belly shot. Definitely not the best picture of me -- I was playing with Bo in his kiddie pool on Sunday (much cuter pictures of Bo with his pool tomorrow!) when Mike snapped this shot of me and my blossoming belly. I think it's pretty obvious I'm pregnant, huh?

Truly, it's not the belly that bothers me so much -- it's the weird chin fat and the flabby arms. Oh, YMCA, I am so looking forward to you...

We've been bad about keeping up with my maternity shots this pregnancy. When I was pregnant with Bo we took pictures every two weeks like clockwork. This time around, it just seems like there is always so much going on that taking pictures of me is low on our priority list. I know I'll regret it later if we don't have pictures of my belly growing so I'll try to be better about it. Thanks to several loyal commenters for lighting a fire under me about this.

Today is a BIG day for this pregnancy. If I go into labor at any point from this point forward, they would at least try to save the babies. Babies born at this stage do not always survive, most have numerous complications and stay in the hospital for months, but viability means there is a real chance that we will bring two babies home. I definitely haven't fully come to terms with that yet...

Overall, my pregnancy is continuing to progress well. I was measuring 29 weeks on Friday and everything else looked good. I feel pretty good and have quite a bit of energy. I'm not sleeping the best at night -- but that is due to numerous factors and can't be blamed solely on the pregnancy. I'm actually subsisting on less sleep now than I ever have in my life -- even when Bo was a newborn I managed to sleep more than I am right now -- but I'm sure newborn twins will shake that up a bit so maybe my body is just preparing itself.

I'm hungry a lot, but I wouldn't say it is abnormal for a twin pregnancy. My biggest craving has been mint and I'm open for suggestions for anything that has a strong peppermint flavor. York Peppermint Patties, mint chip ice cream, chewing gum, and brushing my teeth top my list of "yum" these days. I think I am going to try breath mints next? Are there any peppermint ones that are really strong that I should try?

I'm planning and making contingency plans for the next several weeks just in case something happens while Mike is away during the week and my mom is recovering from her eye surgery. Most people look at me like I'm crazy for worrying about labor at this stage of the game -- but I know too many twins who have come very early not to be concerned. I am sure all of my worry will make me one of the few twin mom's that has to be induced - but at least I'll have my bases covered if something does happen.

I worry a lot (like this is big news if you read the blog or know me in real life) and I'm worried about how we will balance our lives once the twins arrive. I'm worried about the twins impact on Bo. I'm worried about being settled in the house before they arrive. I'm worried about their first year of life and whether I will be able to breastfeed two infants without losing my mind. The list could go on and on...

Thus far, this has been a perfectly normal pregnancy and I have nothing to really complain about or truly worry about thus far. Let's just hope it stays that way!
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