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Vacation Vacation Vacation

Posted Apr 16 2010 8:39pm 1 Comment
Finally, our 2010 vacation pictures. I am falling so far behind in picture posting. Next up will be Easter pictures.

A few weeks ago we ventured on a road trip to Arizona. We had done this trip three times before, but never with the kiddos. We brought along with us our God-Daughter Elianna whom much to my surprise was on her best behavior and a BIG help with the boys.

With this trip came a lot of baggage, ugh the bags, the stuff, the clothes. It didn't help that we set up camp four different places while on our trip. We spent the first night in Indio, then onto Tucson, Scottsdale, and lastly Sedona.

I must say that the ONE perk that came with infertility was our ability to easily take wonderful vacations, a vacation to me always involves sand and Gabe and I managed to go on some GREAT trips before the munchkins. While going through our struggles, vacation was a place to get away and re-coup. Our last real vacation was Mexico in April of 2008 and for those of you whom are long time followers will remember that this trip happened after failed IVF #1 and much to my disbelief ended with a m/c from a surprise pregnancy when we got home.

So, this years vacation was an Arizona road trip and we had a great time visiting with family and sharing lots of "firsts" with the boys. Next year will be a "sand" vacation. We own a timeshare in Mazatlan and CANNOT WAIT to show the boys our favorite getaway. We have already started dreaming and saving for this trip.

My Christmas present "Martha the maid" is no more. The time is up and no way would we afford to keep her, but honestly it's fine. Since I have two days off a week I have been forcing myself one day a week to do ALL the laundry and clean the whole house. In fact my house is super clean and clean just the way I like it, not to mention I could use the exercise. The boys and I make a game of it while they are awake. We sing and dance while cleaning the living room and kitchen, then once they are asleep I clean the bathroom and bedrooms.

Things are busy, busy, busy around our house... in fact I don't have time to finish this post, so I will let Aaden Parker take over. Hugs to you all! Oh and I am still reading, just don't often have the time to comment.

Elianna and I at Kindermusik in Tucson. This class was taught by my super talented Aunt Jodi.
Brother and I trying to hold hands at Kindermusik.
Uncle Chach and Noah. Mommy said that this restaurant was the BEST sushi she EVER had. Cream cheese in Sushi is SO good. I will take her word for it, but we did get to eat an orange in our net bag while we where there.
That's my MIMA!
I love my Mima!
My Cousin Julia and Aunt Jodi.
That's Brother and I sleeping at Mima's house TOGETHER, we never get to sleep together. Those are our special blankies, see how we love to stick our fingers in the holes.
The Tucson zoo
Cousin Julia and Cousin Gabriel
Mama and Noah
Noah looking at the zebras
My Mommy and I. I sure love her.

That's me with my friend Mr. Monkey.
Aunt Jodi, Julia, and Noah
Dinner at Uncle Chach and Aunt Jodi's
Cousin Gabriel telling Noah something VERY important.

That's me and Cousin Gabriel
That's the most bubbles I have ever seen.
Enjoying a banana in Scottsdale
Cousin Julia eating her cereal
Our Arizona Family
Mima and her Grandkids
Daddy and Noah waiting to get on the train
That's Elianna and I. I call her "Sassy Sissy!"
Mama, Sas, and I taking a little ride.
Mom and Noah, did I mention I love her?
Our family
Daddy and I, I sure love him.

Noah didn't want me wearing my hat.

Ready for our first swim
Cousin Julia

Mama and Cousin Julia
Uncle Chach and Cousin Gabriel. Uncle Chach swam with me, we had lots of fun.

Mommy and I, did I mention I love her? Mommy told me to tell you to ignore her oversized body and just look at us cute boys.

Noah wasn't digging swimming the first time, but the second time he really liked it.

I love that guy, thanks for swimming with me Daddy.
My Brother is pretty. Oh... or handsome.
Noah sleeping with Mima.
Cousin Gabriel and Daddy being silly.
Yes it is Noah, and so is mine.
Our first Giants game!
The fun and sun wore me out.
Gabriel and "Uncle Big Gabe."

Our second swim.
Noah and Mommy. Did I mention I love her?

Mima gave Noah a tiny tiny trim for his crazy hair.

That's Andrea over at The Hernandez Clan, we love her.
Thanks for feeding me RC.
Out to dinner with The Hernandez Clan, we spent the whole meal in "big boy" highchairs.
Daddy and his Mini-Me.

That's our friend Rian, eating Cheerios.
The kids! Mommy and Daddy took a Pink Jeep Tour the last time they were in Sedona and LOVED it. They said we will love it someday too!


Mommy and Andrea

Mommy and Andrea have a tradition when they get together of taking a shot of tequilla. Well ya, can't mess with tradition, Andrea brought along two shots of tequilla. Unfortunately Mommy wasn't feeling to good that night, she was coming down with a nasty sinus infection. But hopefully the Hernandez Clan and The Snook Fam with be spending a lot more time together soon.
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