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Uterus fluid

Posted by suehodgkin57

  Sorry for asking again, your reply went to my junk mail and was deleted by accident. will you please send me another reply to this email. thank you.

Got pregnant with twins last year. Unfortunately we lost one twin at 17wks and my waters broke on the remaining twin at 18 wks. I was admitted into hospital. We lost the remaining twin at 24 wks due to infection as the waters never build up but kept on leaking. I delivered both twins and was then sent home. Three days later I felt very ill and passed a piece of placenta at home. I showed it to my midwife and she put me on antibiotics. Two days later I collapsed and was taken to hospital with septicaemia. They cleaned my uterus out and said there was a lot of retained tissue from the pregnancy.

 In January  they found fluid/mucus in my uterus the consultant went ahead with the transfer with a negative result on test date. I tried again in April and again a wk before transfers while checking the lining thickness the clinic noticed more fluid/mucus build up. This time I was given medication to clear it for 3 days. It was clear on transfer day but another negative result on test date. The clinic did another US scan and sure enough there was the fluid/mucus back again. My consultant says its mucus.

My consultant suggested I get a hysteroscopy to see where the problem is. Is this a good idea or should I change clinics.

Do you think I may have had my uterus lining damaged during surgery .Hope you can help me I am getting very stressed with the whole fluid problem. I was hoping to get another treatment in July/August time.



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