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Posted by Helena93

please answer me... whats wrong?

Posted by Helena93

the hole thing of me thinking i was pregnant started with me getting some spotting and my period was very light and kinda samon colour and it didint really leak just came when i wiped... then the morning after i had diarea and started puking .. ive been having nausea and more diarea but i havent puked again but i always feel like i have to. the spotting started about 5 days ago and it ended about two days ago so it lasted for 3 days.

ive been very very moody crying over nothing , ive been having chocolate craving and grape cravings .. i don't eat grapes! so weird.

i was about 85% sure that i was pregnant  this morning i bought two diffrent pregnancy tests but only took one .. and i had peed earlier this day so it was not the morning pee that it says its best to take with. but anyways it came out negitive.. im going to take the other test next week. but if im not pregnant then whats wrong with me? 

im not trying at all to have a baby !. but this is my only conclusion .. ive been serving the web and all this led to pregnancy sites and these are all  common preagnancy symptoms..  i would think i was 3 weeks is that maybe to early to take a test?


PLEASE if you have any answers for me ANSWER this.. im kinda freaking out.  and sorry for this being so long.

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