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Update and cute story

Posted Jan 27 2009 7:17pm
Okay, so I pondered actually taking yesterday's post down. But, the thing is, if I was going to get real, I needed to do it as real as that day's thoughts and feelings were. Just because yesterday's post was gritty, kinda hard to write and read, and not representative of how I feel everyday, doesn't mean I shouldn't share it.

If you know me at all, you know that one of the most important values in life, other than my relationship with God, is honesty. I am brutally honest. With myself and with others, sometimes to a fault. So yesterday, I was being honest about how I felt at that moment.

A blog is not a book. It's not meant for laborious edits over periods of months or years. It is intended to share personal, useful, and self-restorative information with it's readers. Ultimately, I think blogs are more about the writers themselves than the readers; and that's cool with me.

So here's the cute story:
My son wakes up each morning, either on his on or by his Dad waking him up so he can see him before he leaves for work. Usually this is around 7am. Today, M. woke him up at 7:10am and as usual brought a clean diaper, a bottle of goat's milk, and my child to me in bed. Our morning ritual is to snuggle under the covers in my bed while he drinks his bottle. After, I change him and we get up for the day. We usually turn on the lights, see what the weather might hold, and take a little walk around the house he hasn't seen in 12 hours. Lately, L. has added a new ritual. When my car was in the shop recently, I unloaded all the baby stuff from the trunk in case I would need it while without my car. One of these items is a portable highchair (the kind that straps to a regular chair at a restaurant). I sat this chair inside the door and it has been there for about a week. L. LOVES this thing. he uses it as his little sitting area while I am working in the kitchen and loves climbing in and out of it. Here's the funny part(be prepared, potty talk is involved, but most of you are parents anyway, so you won't mind...). Lorenzo's newest morning ritual is to go over to his chair, sit down on it and POOP! He is using his little high chair as a pooping station! This morning I figured out what he was doing and that it was intentional after a few days of wondering if it wasn't just a coincidence that he needed a diaper change after the chair play. Now I wonder...should I be contemplating potty training?

Nah, I will leave that off the agenda for a little while and just enjoy this cute stage.

Happy day, A.
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