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Unusual spotting, negative pregnancy test?

Posted by Natnat

I am 22, my cycle is 28 days, and its pretty regular, my period always starts on the 28th of every month, and lasts 5 days and then stops. Last month however it didn't start until the 31st and lasted 5 days like usual (I figured though that the month of February might have messed with it a little since that month is shorter in days). This month I've been having some odd colored discharge. My husband and I had sex on the 6th of this month, and then again on the 13th, we aren't ttc just yet, we had planned to try in the next couple of months, so if this was pregnancy related we would be very happy regardless of it being a little sooner than we'd planned, anyway I'm not on birth control and we don't use protection, just the pull out method. On the 14th of this month I noticed some brown discharge after I had wiped, scared me at first because I was not expecting to see that, however I just figured maybe it was due to a little roughness, or just my body pushing out old blood, for the next 3 days after that, I hadn't noticed it anymore except that I was having light cramping and some sharp pains but nothing too over the top, still I just figured it was my body preparing for my period, though its not normal for me to experience any of that so early, usually I get light cramping the same week my period is due, it wasn't up until the 18th, we decided to do a 4 hour trip up to northern cali, and once we got there I went to the bathroom and there it was again, brown discharge, I decided to check my cervix with toilet paper and there was only light brown but then suddenly I felt more coming so I wiped and on the toilet paper was more discharge but it was like a dull red color, not blood, though it had some tinges of it like very small amounts of lining is what it looked like, only 2 very small specs, and after that I wiped again and it was followed by pink discharge, I was very confused as I have never experienced this before, when I ovulate sometimes I do get some light brown discharge but never enough to fully come out, and it only lasts a day, if that, never before have I experienced any other color, besides the occasional light brown and my normal clear. Ever since the 14th its been off and on.. On the 20th it had stopped, and its when we also came home but the next day on the 21st there was more light pink discharge again.. my husband was saying maybe its just because of all the elevation changes we've been going through from southern cali to northern but we've been traveling like that for a few years now and I've never been affected like that.. yesterday the 22nd there wasn't anything again... however today the 23rd I wiped and more brown discharge.

What could this be?... I do not have any itching, no burning, and no bad smells, its definitely not an std because I've only been with my husband and he's only been with me (3 years) and we both get regular check ups, so on that note, everything is pretty normal I've been researching and typing in my symptoms and all the websites tell me implantation bleeding... but I just don't know.. I'm going to get an updated check up tomorrow, I took a pregnancy test today because I just want to know already, but it came back negative, however my period isn't due until the 28th of this month, so it could've just been too early to test, though its a 5 days before clear blue. The only symptoms I've been experiencing is tiredness all of a sudden.. been taking naps during the middle of the day because I just feel so tired after hardly doing anything(except for today I've felt awake), light cramping, light backache, I had a couple of headaches, my breasts are a little fuller but that's always normal and consistent with my period every month so I can't use that one... I've been moody but also always consistent with my period.. I have been feeling really hungry lately.. I'll eat one meal and be full but then about 30 minutes to 1 hour later I am hungry again... I feel like there is some pressure in my lower area but not too much, been getting a lot of fluttery and butterfly feelings there too, the other day I was laughing, laughing so hard that my eyes started to water and then out of no where I just started crying actual tears and felt sad for no reason and I didn't feel like laughing anymore, this only lasted a minute or two, and then afterwards I was thinking what the heck was that about? I have two more pregnancy tests, but I don't want to waste them.

Anyone else experience this?  I have an appointment for a pap smear tomorrow so I can get checked out but I am nervous because cervical cancer also popped up in my searches and the symptoms are almost similar. I wanted to see if anyone else might have had similar experiences.

Thanks, and I apologize for the long details, just figured I should say everything so it makes it easier to determine.
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