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unprotected ssex using withdrawal method( Ejacuation outside)

Posted by muna



I am very tensed on this issue. I had un-protected sex without ejacuation with my hubby on day 7 of my cycle. He is sure he pulled put before ejaculation . We are newly married and prefer having babies a year later . My cycle is normaly 30 days or  more. but was 28 days the month I got married.I saw egg-white cervical mucus starting from day 16 onwards for about 5 days . Now on day 23 I have painfull breasts. Normally I do get painfull breasts a week before my period starts. What are the chances that I could be pregnant

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the chances are pretty slim.  the Eggwhite cervical mucus is when (or in the window of days) you ovulated so that was your fertile time. 

the progesterone rise that dominates the luteal phase (the time from ovulation to the day before you begin to bleed) causes the same symptoms as early pregnancy because progesterone is what sustains a pregnancy. 


Hope that makes sense


If you are planning on trying to conceive then these months before would be a good time to learn your cycles: Average cycle length, ovulation day, and luteal phase length.  I would highly reccomend Toni Weshlers "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" as that is the best book I have come accross in terms of explaining about the hormones, how to track, and what means what.

Thanks a lot for the helo ..on day 25 I took a pregnancy test dat showed negative. today on 28th day of cycle. only few 3 days left for my periods due i can see little egg-white like mucus. little strechy and clear, is this the sign of impending menstruation or .....?
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