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Undectable HCG levels in healthy pregnancy

Posted by chris200081

With my son I had undetectable HCG levels until 12 weeks.  I am experiencing the same symtoms now as I did with him, and going crazy because I have surgery scheduled in 2 weeks and don't know if I need to reschedule for 8 months or so:(  One doctor told me that I was having a false pregnancy because they did an ultrasound at approx. 7 weeks and saw nothing along with undetectable HCG levels so he believes that I am not.  But when I looked up the signs and symtoms of false pregnancies it just didn't fit.  I didn't even want to get pregnant, and definantly not sure if I am.  So I don't fit that crazy will-fulfillment stuff it discussed. But, my gyn says she has seen this before but can not explain why or how.  Has anyone experienced this/heard about this before and can you explain how HCg levels can remain undectablely low until the end of the first trimester in a completely healthy pregnancy.  The only issue with my son was the placentia was riding concernably low at the 15 week ultrasound, but was better by the 21 week. 
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It is rare but there are women whose hCG doesn't metabolize into the urine right off the bat.  To make sure then GYN's will/should do a blood beta test for the numbers in order to detect a pregnancy (viable, etopic, molar, blighted ovum, etc).

Do you track your cycles? Do you know when you ovulated? Average length of cycles?

If they did an ultrasound at what should have been 7 weeks then at that point they should (if you were pregnant) have seen a sac with a fetal pole... depending on how close to 8wks you should have been then a heartbeat would be detectable on the ultrasound as well.  Even if for whatever reason your ovulation was delayed and you weren't at 7wks quite yet... a fetal pole and sac would have been detectable were there a viable pregnancy. 


if you are still worried about it you can request a blood beta draw prior to the surgery continuing...just for peace of mind

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