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Posted Nov 21 2012 4:53am
On October 27, 2012, I posted about my friend Becky and her husband John . Adopted parents to Joshua, they were preparing to adopt their second son from Korea in the midst of news that John was due to deploy. I asked for prayer. Nearly everyone I know has been praying for this family -- to handle an adoption is one thing. To handle an adoption of an older child is another thing. Adopting an older child while already having another one at home? All the while doing so without your husband there to help you? It takes my breath away.

I woke up to find the following message on Facebook from Becky
I just got the BEST birthday (it's tomorrow) present I could have ever gotten - John's deployment has been canceled!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am in complete shock, I keep asking him "is this for real?" No one else at his base has ever been this far along and had their deployment canceled without a medical reason. Praise God! Crying tears of joy right now - can't believe this has actually happened.

Praise the Lord for small miracles. This family needed John home so much right now. Even though we often say we should pray, when a real bonifide miracle happens, we still find ourselves in shock. I know I am.

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