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Ultrasounds – Fun or Frightening?

Posted Apr 25 2011 9:30am

Ultrasound Scanning 2006-05-05
I think Ultrasounds are an area of obstetrics that really need to be studied.

They have NOT been Proven Safe

There have been NO studies that show they are safe.  There are issues brought up that cause concern.

If women were told this information, they may be more conservative in getting them.

There are certain high-risk pregnancies where multiple ultrasounds are warranted.

But for most low-risk moms ONE ultrasound around 20 weeks is sufficient.

Are ultrasounds safe?

The easy answer.  We DON’T KNOW!

That scares me.

It scares me more that moms don’t know that we don’t know if it is safe or not.

Anything more than one 20 week ultrasound should have a good medical reason to do it.

Since we don’t know if it is safe or not, why expose your baby to something risky unless there is a very good reason?

If your care provider is suggesting multiple ultrasounds, ASK why!  Some will automatically do one every visit, on every mom!

Here are 2 good articles to get more information about ultrasounds.

Dr. Wagner – Are ultrasounds more harm than good?

Dr. Sarah J. Buckley – Ultrasound Scans – cause for concern.

One scary thing -

A blast of ultrasounds to the testes is believed to stop sperm production for 6 months .  What does this do to our babies?

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