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Ultrasound, the First

Posted Apr 23 2009 5:25pm
There is nothing like seeing to help with the believing. We had our first ultrasound today at (I think) exactly 6 weeks. The goals for today were to see one embryo, in the uterus, and maybe a heartbeat. We were two for three with which I am perfectly happy.

The pregnancy is in fact in the uterus. I was a little concerned about this as I have been having cramping north of where the pregnancy should be. We did find the answer to that mystery (more no that below), but the reason was not an ectopic pregnancy. We were also able to see one gestational sac, one yolk sac, and one fetal pole. Significance: a singleton pregnancy! The fetal pole (very early embryo) was still quite small 3.4mm. My understanding is that the heartbeat is usually visible at about 5mm, so understandably we were unable to see the flutter today. We are scheduled for a repeat scan next Thursday, which is also our anniversary. I think that seeing the heartbeat for the first time will be an excellent anniversary gift.

The doc also took at look at the ovary which revealed the corpus luteum which she described as "large" (about 5cm). She also noted that it could cause some discomfort which explains the aforementioned northern cramping. Then she went on to say that the size presents some risk of cutting off the blood supply to my ovary should the corpus luteum twist. A result that would leave me in pain sufficient to send me to the emergency room. And, furthermore, would likely require surgery. (According to Dr. Google a much more reasonable risk is that of rupture, but she did not discuss this possibility with me.) In order to guard against setting into motion events that would end in an operating room, she suggested that I avoid "bouncy activity" so as to not twist the corpus luteum. I'm not entirely sure what that includes (does sex count?), but she said the elliptical should be fine although jogging was not. I have to admit, now I have an unreasonable fear of engaging in activities that are too "bouncy."

In a slight change of subject, I'm feeling well and wouldn't describe myself as feeling pregnant for the most part. In the last week I have noticed: nausea, bloat, constipation, stuffy nose, cramping, vaginal discharge, breast tenderness, gassiness, fatigue and headache. But since the symptoms tend to come in singular and they never last very long, on the balance of the day I would still say that I'm pretty a-symptomatic. I've read that a lot of women start to notice undeniable pregnancy symptoms between weeks 6 and 7, so my reprieve may be coming to an end.

-- Mya
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